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wire cutter and stripper
wire cutter and stripper
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LS series wire cutter and stripper


Different cross-section can be used to replace the corresponding 4or6wiring hole special steel blade
After skinning, wire smooth without bur and distortion. The same as multi-stranded wire
When skinning, insulated wire fixed firmly by wire clamp
In need repeat operations, adopt adjustable length locator to guarantee the length of wire.
Clamp will automatically reset when spring reset
Metal clamp of light and durable.

wire cutter and stripper
Model: LS-5021
Weight (kg): 0.12


  wire cutter and stripper
Model: LS-313
6.8''.7 in 1 crimping tools wire stripper, wire cutter, steel wire cutter, pliers, wire 100p,scale mm&inch, crimping tool.

Weight (kg):0.12 

 wire cutter and stripper
Model: LS-313C
6.8''.7 in 1 crimping tools wire stripper, wire cutter, steel wire cutter, pliers, wire 100p,scale mm&inch, crimping tool.
Length (mm): 235
Weight (kg): 0.22


 wire cutter and stripper 
Model: LS-202B
Description: Crimping butt-insulated connectors 22-26AWG,telephone spade lug 22-26 AWG, NON-INS.(solder)

Connectors 14-22AWG and NON-INS.        Terminal(solder)10-22 AWG(5.5-0.35mm2)

Model: LS-1091
Thin sideling blade pliers and multifunctional wire stripper 5'' electrical cutter made by carbon steel and hardened with black-oxide finished.



Model: LG-5
Handle: Glass fiber reinforce with material made of polyeater
Capacity(mm2): >25

Capacity (inch):1.0
Length (mm):
Weight (kg): 0.21


  wire cutter and stripper

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