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water/electrical pipe mechanical crimping tools
water/electrical pipe mechanical crimping tools
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water/electrical pipe mechanical crimping tools

Stainless pressing can rapidly reduce labor cost, avoid the time of threads lathe

It is mainly applied to the press connection of water/electric pipe diameter pipe work, chemical pipe, stainless steel pipe and PEX-AL-PEX pipe.
working efficiency can be enhanced by using this tool

 Mechanical crimping tools

Power (ton):6
Standard dies(mm2):16,20,25,32
Weight (kg):6.2
Package&size (mm):630*240*90

               water/electrical pipe mechanical crimping tools

Power (ton):3
Standard dies(mm2):16,20,26
Weight (kg):2.4
Package&size (mm):550*140*50
          water/electrical pipe mechanical crimping tools


Power (ton):3
Standard dies(mm2):6,10,16,20,25,35,50
Weight (kg):2
Package&size (mm):430*280*155
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