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HS-1MA lever action crimping pliers
HS-1MA lever action crimping pliers
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HS-1MA lever action crimping pliers


The crimping tool HS-1MA is used for non-welding and standard electrical connection. The improved ratchet system need less strength.
The design conforms to the principle of Human Factors Engineering to make sure the crimping effect to be much better.
All the stress components are made of special steel, treated by special quenching and annealing. The tool is provided with the characteristics of high effectiveness and long life.

HS-1MA lever action crimping pliers
For non-insulated cable links
Model: HS-1MA
Range: non-insulated cable links
Capacity(mm2): 1.25-2.5
AWG: 16-13
Length (mm): 170
Weight (kg): 0.25


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