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◇Type EM-6B2 is an ideal crimper for connection in cabinet ,It is applicable for pre-insulated terminal crimping from 0.25mm2 to 10mmm2 and Cu/Al cutting in 7mmmll. It is supplied with seven kinds of accurate and replaceable die stes  . The crimper has high working efficiency and wide application.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ◇The crimping tools is used for non-welding and standard electrical connection ,The mould of the crimping moth is made of SCM-40 hardest tools steel , it is with the characteristics of long life , accurate bore diameter and good crimping effect.

EM-6B1 EM-6B2
Output 12.7KN 12.7KN
Max. Crimping Force 5.5mm2 5.5mm2
Crimping Time 1.5s(60HZ) 1.5s(60HZ)
1.8s(60HZ) 1.8s(60HZ)
Volts AC100-125V AC100-125V
Power Consumption 90W 90W
Dimension 325X265X150(mm) 325X265X150(mm)
Weight 12kg 12kg
type of  Applicable Crimping Tools
Model                          Scope                       Terminal

AWG                          DIN
LS-03C 20-10 05-6 Insulated terminal
LS-10 18-10 1.5-6 Non-insulated terminal
LS-101 18-8 1.5-10 Non-insulated terminal
LS-04WFL 20-12 0.85-4 Wire-end Ferules
LS-03B 18-10 1.5-6 Non-insulated tabs and eceptacles
C-C7 CU/AL DIA.7mm of below Cutting Terminal
  6.5mm 5.4mm   1.72mm  
 55,58,59,62,140,142,223,303,400, Fiber Optic , Belden 82974

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